Here we go again

June 28, 2019

If you are a returning visitor, you know I started this as a part of my inclusion in this year’s Black History Month Calendar (see below). For the month for February I wrote daily.  The plan was to continue sporadically after that. I even purchased this domain, as I intend to merge stuff from another site I had. It was all the best of intentions, but then, well, life.

Now July is upon us, and my face will be gracing folks walls. I figure now is a good time to get back to my intentions. As such, over the next couple of days I will be making changes to the site and will be back with a fresh post on July 1st.

I don’t promise deep daily posts, but the new format will allow for more spontaneous posting.

If your back, welcome back. If your new, there is a lot to catch up on so dig in.


February 1, 2019

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

So this year, I was chosen as a laureate for the annual Montreal Black History Calendar – Isn’t the shot fabulous! Mad love to photographer Mr. Naska Demini, a true portrait artist.  From the moment the call came informing me of my inclusion, my mind has been in a tail spin. Yes, I felt honoured, but mostly I felt confused. How is it that after a lifetime of having my Black card punched, by both the “host” culture and the Black community, was I nominated for this? Moreover, how did I fit into what I perceived this calendar representing?

Actually, I have been caught in a psychological miasma for a while now- we’ll get to that. As we move out of Let’s Talk month, where so many of my friends and colleagues have bared their souls in desire to foster healing, and as we begin Black History Month, I thought this would be a good time for me to externalize my thought process and bring focus to the intersectionality of mental health and Blackness.

As I tend to be a tad wordy, I thought I would use a blog rather than flooding Facebook with my belly-button, lint-picking, reflections. I do hope that some of this will serve a purpose beyond my need for self –discovery. At the very least, I hope it will make you smile now and then.

So here is the deal, for the next 28 days, I am committing myself to maintaining a daily blog in which I will explore and share my thoughts related to Blackness as I live it: as a phat, Anglophone woman of colour who is ripening from Mother to Crone.

Note to readers: Despite some of the fantastic English teachers I have had, my spelling is atrocious.  Spell check does not always help, particularly when the word you misspelled is in the dictionary.

Two things to note, when I went to school they taught phonics; if you come across a word that looks wonky, sound it out loud. Second, there is no point in trying to shame me about my spelling;  if  Mrs. Bradley couldn’t shame me into doing better, you don’t stand a chance.

Besides, let’s face it, most don’t go out of their way to comment on spelling to help the writer; they do it to feel better about themselves.  If my foible does it for you, read on an enjoy – just keep it to yourself.

If bad spelling just plain annoys you, lag a day behind. The decision to challenge myself to this blog was a spontaneous one. As such, I am writing as I think, and posting to a daily deadline.  I am also posting without an editor, because I just can’t get the writing done quick enough to allow for another set of eyes before posting.  As such, my editor does not get to review it until it is posted. I then go back in and fix stuff before I post the next.

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