Entry 22: February 22, 2019

Dreaming in Technicolour

Today I did an interview related to Black History Month. One of the questions we were asked was what we hope comes out of activities like these?

My dream is a simple one; that one day soon I will sit at a table with Black History Month organizers, and after a little reflection we collectively decide that the initiative is no longer needed.

I have worked on many issues in my life time, and for the most part there always came a time where I felt like enough advancement had been made that I could shift my focus elsewhere.

Inclusion and anti-bigotry however, are issues I never felt such a moment with. It seems like we take a few steps forward only to be pushed back – usually in relation to an election.

The fact that the changing of the guard is enough to retard progress speaks to why we can’t afford to disengage. Until equity and inclusion are the norm rather than the exception, and are practiced rather than preached, then apathy and social paralysis are our most dangerous opponents.

The great news about being involved in this year’s activities, is discovering the up and coming generation, and felling comforted that there are many ready to take my place pushing the big wheel of change.


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